21 Love in the Time of Katsukawa
Episode 21:

An exploration of bondage illustrations in pre-modern Japanese art [video only]

20 What is a Takatekote?
Episode 20:

A breakdown of the word, form and usage of a very popular tie. [video only]

19 Terra Cognita
Episode 19:

An exploration of Western bondage in Japanese SM.

18 Crossed in Translation 2
Episode 18:

A video review of Christian Russo's Hojojutsu.

17 Twelve Months of Strange Punishments
Episode 17:

A video reading of a 1950 art book by Seiu Itou.

16 Like a Horse to Water
Episode 16:

An overview of Instructional DVDs.

  Crossed in Translation

Thoughts on translating Zukai Hojojutsu.

15 A conversation with Nawashi Kanna and Kagura
Episode 15:

A conversation about life, gender, sexuality and tying.

14 Makest Thou This Shame Thy Pastime?
Episode 14:

A discussion about shame in kinbaku..

13 5 Shibari Myths
Episode 13:

12 Burned Alive
Episode 12:

An audio drama of Senzaburo Suzuki's "Burning Her Alive."

11 The Shoulders Of Giants: Randa Mai
Episode 11:

Readings of five articles by Randa Mai

10 Little House on the Moor
Episode 10:

Tracing the art that fueled the development of kinbaku.

09 Subterranean Hojo Blues
Episode 9:

Exploring the connections between hojojutsu and kinbaku. Warning: this episode contains scenes of graphic violence.

08 The Wind Beneath My Rings, Part 2
Episode 8:

Exploring suspensions.

07 The Wind Beneath My Rings
Episode 7:

An audio reenactment of a published discussion about Eikichi Osada, the creator of the modern SM show.

06 Vogon Poetry
Episode 6:

Musings about the gote shibari.

05 The Tools That Shape Us
Episode 5:

An overview of rope used in kinbaku.

4.3 The Shoulders Of Giants: Hajime Kinoko
Episode 4.3:

A reading featuring bondage artist Hajime Kinoko

4.2 The Shoulders Of Giants: Chimuo Nureki
Episode 4.2:

Readings featuring bondage artist Chimuo Nureki.

4.1 The Shoulders Of Giants: Denki Akechi
Episode 4.1:

A reading featuring bondage artist Denki Akechi.

03 Wherefore Art Thou Kinbaku?
Episode 3:

Exploring the themes and expressions of bondage leading up to modern erotic kinbaku.

02 Snow Torment Photo Journal
Episode 2:

A reading of Seiu Itou's "Snow Torment Photo Journal."

01 Introduction
Episode 1:

Welcome! This is a quick overview of the Kinbakunomicon and of erotic kinbaku itself.