Here are a few details about people and publications mentioned in the podcast or on this site.

Denki Akechi 1940-2005 Bondage artist. His recognizable tying style has earned him many admirers, and his popularity around the world has made his approach to bondage almost a category of kinbaku unto itself.
Nobuyoshi Araki b.1940 Photographer. Araki is a prolific photographer who has published hundreds of photobooks over his career.
Go Arisue b.1954 Bondage artist. Arisue tied for a few of the newer Flower and Snake movies (in which he also performed), and he has created several instructional books/DVDs.
Oniroku Dan 1931-2111 SM author and screenwriter. Author of Flower and Snake.
Kasumi Hourai b.1980 Bondage artist. Known for promoting her love of Japan and Japanese culture through her bondage. Her 2013 “Kasumi Hourai’s World of Aesthetics: Rope Bonds” videos were filmed in California.
Seiu Itou 1882-1961 Painter. Writer. Bondage artist. An influential pioneer in the subject of “the beauty of torment,” His paintings and personal fetishes had a phenomenal impact on the start of the erotic SM kinbaku we know today.
Nawashi Kanna b.1972 Bondage Artist. Kanna's style of tying incorporates elements of hojojutsu. Having learned from Denki Akechi, Kanna has in turn taught other professional bondage artists.
Rumi Kasuga SM model and female sadist who tied both men and women for SM photos in the 1950s.
Ranki Kazami b.1962 Bondage artist. Founded the Circle M group.
Hajime Kinoko b.1977 Bondage artist. Known for his “cyber rope” style. Leads the Ichinawa no Kai group. Kinoko has also appeared on “Vice” and Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown.”
Kitan Club magazine A famous SM magazine that ran from 1947-1975. Originally a men’s magazine, Kitan Club started transforming into a SM magazine around 1951. Many well-respected bondage artists, illustrators and writers either got their start in Kitan Club or were heavily influenced by it.
Masato Marai b.1957 Bondage artist. Writer. Editor. Tied for Sanwa publishing. Edited SM Hishōsetsu and SM Mania magazines. Created several Instructional books/DVDs.
Kō Minomura 1920-1992 Bondage artist. SM Illustrator. Writer. Editor. Illustrated at the dawn of the SM magazines in Japan under various names (most famously Kita Reiko, Minomura Kō and Toshiyuki Suma (his real name)). Student of Seiu Itou. Edited a number of SM magazines, and founded Uramado and Abment magazines.
Takeshi Nagaike b.1945 Bondage Artist. Tied for Ken Markus’ 1996 California Club photobook. Created the instructionals SM Handbook and The Secrets of How to Tie in SM.
Chimuo Nureki 1930-2013 Writer Bondage artist. Editor. Co-founder of the well-known “Kinbiken” group. Over the course of a 50+ year career, Nureki tied for numerous SM magazines, videos and movies, was editor-in-chief of Uramado and Abumento magazines, and wrote several books on the subject of SM.
Eikichi Osada 1925-2001 Bondage artist. Credited as the inventor of modern SM live shows.
Kazumi Osada Bondage artist. Eikichi Osada's last partner and manager who was given the Osada name and took over Eikichi's "Osada Seminar."
Osada Steve Bondage artist. Founded Studio Six. In addition to his tying for photos, videos and live shows, Osada Steve is perhaps more responsible than any other for providing a gateway through which kinbaku fans around the world could engage directly with kinbaku in Japan.
Kaname (Yōko) Ozuma 1939-2011 SM illustrator. Created both illustrations and manga for early SM magazines. Ozuma’s work is easily recognized by its voluptuous tattooed women.
Mai Randa b.1959 Bondage artist. His instructional books and videos fed the early explosion of interest in Japanese style of erotic tying around the world.
S&M Sniper SM magazine started in 1979 that moved online to become Web Sniper.
Hiromi Saotome SM model, actress, writer. A pioneer of self-suspension and seppuku live show performances. She appeared in pink films (most famously S&M Hunter), and worked with Chimuo Nureki and Eikichi Osada. She has authored a number of books about SM, including This is SM and People of Kitan Club (with Dōmu Kitahara).
Naomi Tani b.1948 A famous Roman Porno actress.
Takashi Tsujimura 1921-1987 Writer and bondage artist. Prolific contributor to Kitan Club Magazine. His bondage appeared in early SM magazines, and he was the bondage coordinator for the movie “History of Tokugawa Female Punishment” (AKA “Shogun’s Joy of Torture”)
Tetsuzou Tsukamoto Photographer and writer. Tsukamoto took photos for Kitan Club magazine and wrote many serial articles like “Realities of Kinbaku Photography” and “Camera and Pen.”
Haruki Yukimura 1948-2016 Bondage Artist. Yukimura has tied for SM magazines, photobooks, SM videos and live shows. He is admired for his characteristically intimate approach to kinbaku.