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Podcast Episodes

Episode 18: Crossed in Translation 2
A video review of Christian Russo's Hojojutsu.
Audio Only version.
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Episode 17: Twelve Months of Strange Punishments
A video reading of a 1950 art book by Seiu Itou.
Audio Only version.
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Episode 16: Like a Horse to Water
An overview of Instructional DVDs.
This episode is Video Only.
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Minisode: Crossed in Translation
Thoughts on translating Zukai Hojojutsu.
Audio Only version.
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Episode 15: A conversation with Nawashi Kanna and Kagura
A conversation about life, gender, sexuality and tying.
This episode is Audio Only.
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Episode 14: Makest Thou This Shame Thy Pastime?
A discussion about shame in kinbaku.
Audio Only version.
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Episode 13: 5 Shibari Myths
Audio Only version.
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Episode 12: Burned Alive
An audio drama of Senzaburo Suzuki's "Burning Her Alive."
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Episode 11: The Shoulders of Giants: Randa Mai
Readings of five articles by Randa Mai
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Episode 10: Little House on the Moor
Tracing the art that fueled the development of kinbaku.
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Episode 9: Subterranean Hojo Blues
Exploring the connections between hojojutsu and kinbaku.
Warning: this episode contains scenes of graphic violence.
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Episode 8: The Wind Beneath My Rings, Part 2
Exploring suspensions.
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Episode 7: The Wind Beneath My Rings
An audio reenactment of a published discussion about
Eikichi Osada, the creator of the modern SM show.
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Episode 6: Vogon Poetry
Musings about the Gote Shibari.
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Episode 5: The Tools that Shape Us
An overview of rope used in kinbaku.
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Episode 4.3: The Shoulders Of Giants: Hajime Kinoko
A reading featuring bondage artist Hajime Kinoko
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Episode 4.2: The Shoulders Of Giants: Chimuo Nureki
Readings featuring bondage artist Chimuo Nureki.
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Episode 4.1: The Shoulders Of Giants: Denki Akechi
A reading featuring bondage artist Denki Akechi.
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Episode 3: Wherefore Art Thou Kinbaku?
Exploring the bondage themes leading up to modern erotic kinbaku.
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Episode 2: Snow Torment Photo Journal
A reading of Seiu Itou's "Snow Torment Photo Journal."
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Episode 1: Introduction
Welcome! This is a quick overview of the Kinbakunomicon
and of erotic kinbaku itself.
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Suggested reading:
Season of Infidelity by Dan Oniroku. Fiction. English.
Nana to Kaoru by Ryuta Amazume. Manga. Japanese and English
Eros in Hell - Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema by Jack Hunter. Non-fiction. English
The Sex Films: Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia by Thomas Weisser and Yuko Mihara Weisser. Non-fiction. English.

i am an s+m writer. 2000.
Flower and Snake. 2004.
R100. 2013

Online Sites:
nawa-art - Online database of early SM magazines
Nawapedia - Wiki for rope bondage
Kasumi Hourai’s Official Website
Mai Randa’s Official Website
Hajime Kinoko’s Official Website
Jugoya - Go Arisue’s online store
Web Sniper - Online SM magazine


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About the Kinbakunomicon
The Kinbakunomicon is a project dedicated to promoting awareness of Japanese SM in the english-speaking world.
This site serves as an archive for articles and translations. All content on this site is intended for the personal
enjoyment of SM fans who have a healthy understanding of mutual adult consent. This site is not intended to
provide "truths," nor is it meant to be used as a teaching aid. The Kinbakunomicon bears no responsibility for the
misuse and/or miscommunication of the contents herein.

About Faviola Llervu
Faviola Llervu is is the creator and narrator of the Kinbakunomicon. She has translated for the bondage artist
Kasumi Hourai's webpage and for Nawapedia, and has presented at Bondage Expo Dallas. She is also a founding
member of the Devil Mask Society. Her main interest is in tracing the development of torture, eroticism,
sadomasochism and censorship represented in Japanese media from pre-modern times to today, as well as
understanding its impact on early SM in Japan.

All translations on this site are by Faviola Llervu unless otherwise noted.


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The kinbakunomicon is a member and enthusiastic supporter of the Devil Mask Society in Los Angeles.
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